Faihaa’s Skillset

Hey guys! My name is Faihaa (pronounced Fai as in Hi and then ha). I have a bachelors of arts in English and I am currently working part time at a news company where my duties include desk supervision, customer service and typist work! When I’m not part time at my job I’m here at the GC being a part time student. As a second year in the DH program I’ve had my fair share of time spent working in certain computer programs but I still have so much to learn. With every class taken I hope to broaden my skill set in the world of data and tech.

Project Management– I have had experience in managerial duties at work. I’m good at organizing tasks and keeping up communication with those that I’m working with. With that being said I’m not particularly comfortable taking on a leader role for a project I did not create, however if no one else in the group wants to take this role on I would be happy to accept.

Design/UX–  I don’t have much technical expertise in this field yet (currently learning) but I am definitely a person who highly believes that the visuals aesthetics of the data presented is just as important as the data itself. I can offer ideas on how to present findings and look into art work to help accompany the project.

Documentation- Depending on the scope of the project this may be a rather large role to take on, but I am willing to do it. Because I can’t offer much on data programming and designing, I will be more than happy to keep track of notes, findings, pictures, locations, names etc. I can create and maintain excel spreadsheets and google docs if need be.

Outreach/Social Media- As someone who is right on the cusp between millennial and gen Z… let’s just say I’m no stranger to social media. I am comfortable with taking on this role if no one else wants to do it.

Developer- Unfortunately this is not my field of expertise.

Research– I’m able to look up information to help find valuable resources but I tend to heavily rely on the internet as my main source. .