Brian Millen Skillset

Project management: While I do not have specific experience working in project management, I do have experience in operations coordination, coordinating between different teams at a social media company. My job was to receive common complaints coming from the user’s of the mobile application and work with the tech team to address these issues. This required the skills of organization, communication, and coordinating between different teams’ and individuals’ workflows, making me comfortable taking on a position of project management.

Design/UX: While I did not work directly with design and product management at the social media company, I worked closely with user experiences of the mobile app, giving me insight into user experience on digital platforms. Although I would not be interested in taking on this position directly, I do believe it is something I could provide insight into.

Documentation/Research & writing: Coming from a humanities background, I believe writing to be one of my stronger skills. Furthermore, with my job at the social media company, I was responsible for documenting help articles and FAQ’s for the platform’s Customer Care team. Either of these roles would be my preferred contribution.

Developer: This is the dimension I have probably the least experience in, but it is also where I would like to grow the most in. I would be interested in taking a secondary position in assisting with the more technical aspects of the project.