Raquel Neris Skillset

As a service designer and learning experience designer, my career involves developing innovative solutions using design as the key for human-centered services for companies and designing and facilitating learning experiences to help people and organizations master the innovation mindset and tools. 

I am currently Student Engagement Coordinator at OpenLab at BMCC and co-founder of Educar 3.0, a startup that develops educational games about financial literacy for students in Brazilian schools.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Communication, a Graduate degree in Interaction Design, and a Master’s degree in Communication and Education.


Project Management: Since I have seven years working as a product owner in my startup and mentoring teams in service design projects, I feel comfortable playing this role. I’m good at helping teams work collaboratively and with a focused mindset, enabling them to easily organize tasks and meet deadlines. My approach also involves using agile frameworks, such as Scrum and Kanban. 

Design/UX: My professional background includes 13 years of working in different areas of design, including service and UX design, learning experience design, and graphic design, so I feel comfortable playing this role in the team.

Development: I have a very basic understanding of HTML, and that’s it. However, that is something that I would like to develop during this course.

Outreach/Social Media: Since I don’t have much experience working with inbound marketing, my knowledge of social media algorithms is relatively low. However, I feel comfortable exploring it. I also don’t have any problem with reaching out to people with cold calling, and I like the idea of organizing events to promote community building.

Research/Documentation: I have good experience developing ethnographic research to understand user needs and pain points. I also have good experience in academic research, which includes using coding in qualitative research with tools such as Nvivo and Dedoose.