Connie Cordon Skillsets

Design/UX: I studied Communication Design with a concentration in Illustration from Pratt Institute. I have experience as a design assistant at Rizzoli, a publishing company focusing on fashion, interior design, culinary, art, architecture, and photography, and as a design intern for freelance graphic designer Billy Gray. My most recent design position was an apprentice at the advertising agency Ogilvy in the art department as a storyboard artist. I have experience in Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

Project Manager: A skillset I do not have official experience with. One small example of project management I took on was at my previous retail job, in which I designed the front floral display of the store in coordination with the store manager and the sign maker. Tasks included ordering inventory from vendors and suppliers and securing shipment and arrival times, managing inventory by stocking and cataloging products, reporting discrepancies in inventory that indicate theft or quality issues in products, calculating daily sales, and generating displays for holiday seasons during the pandemic– a time in which sales were at an all-time low.

Developer: I have beginner knowledge of HTML and CSS, but am not proficient. I took my first introductory class to Javascript last semester where I created a website mapping out sites of personal importance to an author in her graphic memoir Fun Home.

Outreach/Social Media: My use of social media is limited in that it has mostly been geared towards using it as a platform for my illustration portfolio.

Documentation: During my undergrad at Pratt, my pieces involved creating collages from photographs found in the photo archive at the Pratt Library or researching old photos on online archives. I believe in this context, documentation skills is something I am interested in expanding further and am eager to get hands-on experience.

Research: My experience with research has been limited to academic papers. Writing is not my strongest suite, but it is something I am eager to improve my skills on. During my undergrad at Pratt, my self-driven illustration projects for senior thesis involved extensive research on sexual trauma during early years, medias interpretation of sexual trauma and how it is portrayed in cinema, censorship laws concerning art, and the morality of advertising.

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