Caitlin Cacciatore: Bio & Contribution Statement

Caitlin Cacciatore (she/hers) graduated from Macaulay Honors at Baruch College, CUNY, in 2021 with a degree in Artificial Intelligence Studies. She comes from a background largely grounded in theory and the ethical implications of the proliferation of automation, machine learning, intelligent agents, the Internet, the inherently problematic nature of the digital divide, issues of accessibility, and the problem of machine bias. Caitlin also took courses in Python, C++, and SQL, as well as Excel, Access, and other database management tools.

During her time at Baruch, Caitlin became a published author, and possesses copyediting skills as well as website design and maintenance skills borne of administrating her own blog since 2016. In light of her intimate familiarity with WordPress, she will serve as the Sounds of Music team’s Technical Coordinator and Website Administrator. She will also work in a secondary capacity as a Copy Editor. Her duty is to polish content produced by herself and her colleagues, and transfer this content to a public-facing website. Her role is also to ensure that everything is running smoothly behind the scenes, and to co-create a seamless user experience for anyone visiting the website.

Caitlin is also responsible for co-creating a manifesto of best practices for music enrichment and engagement programs, as well as co-authoring a Sound of Music Workshop Toolkit, ideal for allowing individuals, groups, nursing homes, hospitals, daycares, schools, and other public and private facilities to create their own music enrichment programs. Additionally, Caitlin will brainstorm and iterate with her team members to launch a virtual synchronous Sounds of Music trial program, as well as a pilot program for the team’s target population of homebound elders.