Brian Millen – Personal Bio/Contribution Statement

Brian Millen received his B.A. in Philosophy from SUNY Purchase, and is currently an M.A. student in the Digital Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center. During his time there, he submitted a senior thesis entitled Education and a Discipline Beyond Punish, which argued for a renewed role of education in global political transformation. His theoretical interests involve the relationship between humans and technology and the political consequences thereof. His research interests concern utilizing a combination of computational text analysis with more traditional scholarly work of philosophy to investigate technology, politics, economics, and strategies for overcoming the Anthropocene. Currently, Brian is working on a project called Modeling Value in the Anthropocene: Contributions to a metacosmics, a vector semantics analysis, for which he is fulfilling a role as project manager, as well as working co-extensively with research collaborator Hampton Dodd as co-developer and co-author.