What is a Community Garden in the Digital Age?- WORK PLAN

Week 4 

Work task:

What is a Community Garden in the Digital Age? Finalized

Deadlines: Upload new and revised Project Proposal to Course Website (Faihaa)

Week 5 (March 2)

Work task:

Data Collection Breakdown (Faihaa/Nelson)

Brainstorm questions and explore data available online. Spend 2-3 hours (Faihaa/Nelson/Benjamin)

Check to see if each borough has 311 open data


– Discuss and brainstorm specific data our project will account for

– Analyze data information already available

Week 6 (March 09)

Work task:

Finalize specific data we wish to use

Organize data into separate spreadsheets (Faihaa)

Design ethnographic research and reach out to community gardens (Benjamin) 


– Workplan

– Data Management Plan (Nelson)

-Personal Journal Entries (3/8/22)

-Group Outreach/Social Media Plan Group Project Update (3/10/22) (TBD)


Tuesday 9 of March 12.00: Group meeting

Friday 12 of March 11.00: Group meeting

Week 7  (March 16)

Work task:

Start to upload info on to Tableau (Nelson)

Use visualization and spreadsheets to find connections and discrepancies (Faihaa, Nelson, Benjamin)

Start looking into Website options to display visualizations

Do interviews and participations for ethnographic research


– Tableau Map

-Personal Journal Entries (3/15/22)


Tuesday 16 of March 12.00: Group meeting

Week 8 (March 23)

Work Task: 

– Create a draft on what website can potentially look like and start building the website

– Discuss what we wish to include on landing page, tabs etc

– Do interviews and participations for ethnographic research

– Start transcribing ethnographic interviews


Personal Journal Entries (3/22/22)

Group Project Updates (3/24/22)


Friday 26 of March 11.00: Group meeting

Week 9- Week 11 (March 30-April13)

Work Task: 

Work on website 

Highlight new data found

Create powerpoint presentation on project

Continue doing interviews and analyze ethnographic data


Personal Journal Entries (3/29/22 4/5/22 4/12/22)

Group Project Updates (3/31/22 4/7/22 4/14/22)

Week 12  


Work Task:

Independent Work on Project permitting time 

Week 13- Week 14 (April 27-May 11)

Work Task: 

Final adjustments to data visualizations and website.

Audio from interviews uploaded.

Work on Written portion of project

End of week 14 have a website/platform ready for feedback and review

Deadlines: Personal Journal Entries (4/26/22 5/3/22)

Group Project Update (4/28/22)

Week 15 

Work Task: 

Smaller adjustments to website/platform from feedback session

Prepare for project launch

Finalize website


Finish final website

Week 16 (May 18)

Work Task: 

All work should be completed!

Deadlines: Post Final Group Project to Commons

Email individual reflections to Prof. Maney