Caitlin Cacciatore’s Skillsets

Project manager: I am a natural leader skilled at project management, and though this is not my preferred role, I have had experience leading a team in the 2018 IBM Watson Case Competition, but it was not a role I particularly enjoyed or would soon wish to repeat.


Developer: I learned to code in both Python and C++ in Undergrad, and have since forgotten every word of both languages. I always struggled with the finer aspects of coding, which is how I ended up in Digital Humanities! I would not enjoy this role.


Design/UX: I am extremely interested in Design and User Experience. I am skilled in user-centric design, and am very conscious and concerned about issues of accessibility. Whatever the project I end up working on, I wish for it to have visual and textual components accessible to and translated for blind and low vision users. I am eager to explore other avenues of accessibility. At present, I wish to become a UX Designer when I graduate from the DH program at the CUNY Graduate Center. I am skilled in graphic design, and have an eye for aesthetics, having been an artist’s assistant for many years. I would prefer this role.


Outreach/Social Media: I have worked as an Instructor of Computer Literacy since age 12, and much of my job as an artist’s assistant was to do social media outreach through Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms geared towards marketing. I also have experience with writing and editing. As stated above, I am skilled in graphic design for social media outreach. I think this role would also be a great fit for me.


Documentation: Though I’m an excellent writer, and am skilled at using Excel, I don’t like the finicky little aspects of documentation, archiving, and keeping track of moving parts. I would not enjoy this role.


Research: I enjoy research, to an extent, and am relatively skilled at finding information and going through documents to find the proverbial needle in the haystack, but this is not a preferred role because it does not align as well with my passions.


Geospatial: I have experience using ArcGIS, and enjoy mapping. This would be a good secondary role for me to play as part of a team.