Robin’s skillset

Hi everyone, I’m Robin. I am a librarian by training and currently work as an Open Educational Technologist as part of the GC Digital Initiatives team supporting Manifold, an open-source digital publishing platform. I have an MS in Library and Information Science, with advanced certificates in Digital Humanities and Spatial Analysis & Design. Before joining the GC Digital Initiatives team I worked as an Open Educational Resources librarian at City Tech, CUNY.

Project Management: I regularly manage a least one project, but often two or three, in my current position. Happy to play this role, if needed.

Development: I have experience with Github, html, CSS, Markdown, and mapping platforms such as ArcGIS, QGIS, and Storymaps, as well as Tableau and Gephi (though I have not used them in a while!). I am always interested in adding to my skills in this area.

Design/UX: I think about and work with folks everyday on design and UX so I have a ton of experience here. I am also skilled in accessibility, something I feel should be at the top of everyone’s list when they build a digital project.

Outreach/Social Media: I do a considerable amount of outreach and social media in my current position. I enjoy outreach. I am pretty neutral when it comes to social media. I do it as part of my job, but I can’t say I love it, but I don’t hate it and I know it is important element of many projects.

Documentation: I write up documentation all the time. I am currently part of a team that is rewriting all the documentation, technical and how-tos, for the Manifold application so I have a ton of experience with documentation.

Research: I enjoy research and regularly do it as part of my current job as well as research and writing for journal articles, and book chapters.