Felicity Howlett, Bio and Contribution

Felicity Howlett received a CUNY BA degree in psychology from City College in 2021 and is currently a student in the MALS program at the Graduate Center. Previously, she earned a Ph.D. in musicology from Cornell University with a focus on the twentieth century. Her thesis explored the solo piano interpretations of Art Tatum. She became an executive assistant to David Judelson (a co-founder of Gulf+Western Corporation), who devoted his entrepreneurial skills to pharmaceutical research (developing a safe blood substitute) and the “last mile” problem (digital technology). Over the years, she transcribed and edited his recollections, and in 2016, she produced a two-volume memoir of his life and work. As a pianist, she has entertained in piano bars and in various hospital and elderly community settings. Presently, she volunteers in a “Music for Veterans,” music therapy program under the direction of Concetta Tomaino at the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function.

The Sounds of Music project is inspired by the creative efforts of Concetta Tomaino. As Project Director, Felicity will contribute her personal experience, contacts, and concentrate especially on helping to frame the model program, outreach, and research, including examination of other interactive music programs, resources to enhance accessibility to the internet, and problems of latency and other interactive connection issues. She is fortunate to have creative, technically well-equipped partners who have solid experience in design and project management.