Contribution Statement

Hampton Dodd graduated from the CUNY School of Professional Studies with a B.A. in Communication and Media studies in 2021. Throughout his time there, he focused primarily on the relationship between technology and power through the theoretical lens of Neo-Marxist and Foucauldian analysis. These influences ultimately culminated in a senior thesis entitled Physiognomy, Facial Recognition Technology, & Biopolitics, which sought to uncover and trace the common genealogical thread of pseudoscientific physiognomic thought from the Age of Enlightenment through the Third Reich and into the emergent webs of facial recognition technologies presently proliferating across the world. Beyond this, his research interests encompass the development and application of technological tools in the advancement of digital cultural criticism, the critical analysis of big data and surveillance capitalism, and labor in the age of automation and the platform economy. Currently, Hampton is developing a collaborative project called Modeling Value in the Anthropocene: Contributions to a metacosmics, a vector semantics analysis of the Nanjing Lectures given by philosopher Bernard Stiegler between 2016 and 2019, alongside project-manager and co-author Brian Millen.