Connie Cordon Personal Blog 03/29

So far this week I’ve created an Instagram, Twitter, and completed the CSV. I am not ready to release the twitter and instagram until I’ve gathered enough content for people to view, and also coordinate with Kai about posting to social media.

I also emailed Jenna Freedman, curator of the Barnard Zine Library and Librarian for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, about potentially printing a zine at Barnard if they had the resources to do so. Instead she redirected towards me The Graduate Centers own zine resources, which was very kind of her. I was also suggested to use Fireball Printing to have a zine created for me, or

I’ve also looked at some digital archives to serve as inspiration for how digital archives can work effectively and how there are so many different way to tell stories through layouts and digital photo exhibits.

Archive for clothing brand C.P. Company:

Archive for Glass Spectrum; library of natural glazes created as a reference and learning resource for ceramicists, artists, and students:

Archive for The Global Studio, a program run by the University of Technology Sydney’s Photography department. The page is an online exhibition and archive for the work created during the 2020 edition.

YouSayPotatoISayFuckYou by artist Clara Bahlsen: